March 26, 2008

Cheap Chicken Soup


2 Chicken drumsticks
1 cube chicken bouillon
2 Stems Bok Choy (substitute: Spinach, Peas, or Broccoli)
2 squares sizzling rice
Few dashes pepper
Two dashes ginger

Set a medium pot of water to boil on the stove. Remove skin from chicken. Slice off as much meat as you can, taking care to remove any gristle and cartilage. Cube the meat and add to the pot when the water is at a rolling boil.

While this is going on, wash your bok choy and cut off stems to just below where leafy part starts. Cube this.

Chicken should be almost done at this point (it takes about 15 minutes total), so drain some of the water from the pot. Keep only as much as you think you'll consume. Add a cube of bouillon and the pepper and ginger.

When the chicken is done (take out a piece and cut it open- if it's all white, you're good to go), add the bok choy and immediately turn off the heat.

Set sizzling rice at the bottom of a bowl and pour the soup over it.


One of the best cooking advice I've gotten is if the chicken looks done, it is done. That way you won't overcook it and end up rubbery.

I used sizzling rice because you don't have to precook it. It's a great timesaver. You can also sub in regular egg noodles, elbow macaroni, whatever kind of pasta into this. Just add it in when the chicken is about halfway done.


310 calories

$1.13 per serving