February 5, 2008

Welcome to my site, now go away

You don't want to read a big sappy intro, so I'll spare you. Instead, here's a bunch of links since I'm a huge internet nerd.

Useful stuff:
SiteShuffle - Good for those sites you visit everyday. Frees up tab space on Firefox.
Quizlet - Flash cards that generate quizzes and scores. An excellent way to study and a beautiful compendium of coding languages. The boy who made it will go far.
FreeTranslation - I find this to be more reliable than Babelfish. I've only used it for French and Spanish, so don't bitch to me if you claim to be a jelly doughnut.
Gmaps Pedometer - Calculate distance using Google Maps. Very useful for joggers, maybe even more so for the lazy.

Cooking and Food:
Simply Recipes - Simple, good, generally uncomplicated recipes. Today's recipe was a stock using chicken feet, something absolutely delicious that deserves to be widespread.
BentoTV - Sarah, the host, has been keeping it up almost daily since August 2006. She specializes in Bento, a popular way to make lunch in Japan. However, she also has neat recipes and tips for packing a nutritious lunch. I've personally ordered from her shop and have been very satisfied.
Use Real Butter - I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon this one. The photography is captivating and the recipes challenging but intriguing. She includes a lot of Asian dishes, which, as you will discover, I am very partial to. Updates almost daily.
Wheel of Lunch - Having a hard time deciding where to eat? Just plug in your zip code and it will choose a restaurant at random. I recommend leaving in 'restaurant' as a search term, as it will search everything from fast food to tablecloth.
HeatEatReview - Review site for frozen foods. Cute name, eh? Definitely leans toward the lighter meals, which I'm not complaining about. Even if you scoff at frozen foods, read their zero star reviews on a slow work afternoon.
GoodEats - A fan page that catalogs the scripts for every Good Eats episode. Extremely handy if you want more information than just the recipe. Warning: uses frames. Navigate at your own frustration.

Fashion (sorry guys, can't help you much here):
Go Fug Yourself - Half fashion, half celebrity gossip. Updates multiple times a day and rarely fails to be entertaining.
Fashion Under $100 - Celebrity-inspired street clothes. This site does a great job of pulling together lookalikes. However, it relies on VERY cheap clothes as she includes even the handbag and shoes. It's still a great site and worth a look.

As embarrassing and lowbrow as it is, sometimes we need a break from thinking.
Aforementioned Go Fug Yourself.
Pink is the New Blog - Best for those once-a-day internet browsers. Trent is very thorough and optimistic but tends to be biased toward gay favorites such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue.
Dlisted - A new favorite of mine. Michael K is very opinionated and more pessimistic than Janeane Garofalo (no I didn't have to look that up... ok, I lied). Updated every damn second.

Neatorama - If you've ever read BoingBoing, please switch to this. Same idea (compendium of neat articles, facts and gadgets) but without the insufferable Xeni Jardin or Cory Doctorow. I'll have a rant about BoingBoing soon enough.
The Sneeze - Random stuff. I can't really describe it. Let's just say it's the only time I've read about someone's kid without wanting to claw my own eyes out.
WaiterRant - Cynical waiter who has a knack for prose.
Disgruntled Workforce - PostSecret for pissed-off workers.
Passive-Aggrestive Notes - PostSecret for pissed-off people.

Now that I've shown you sites that are more complete, have archives of interesting posts, and more useful than mine, please come back again!

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